The bees at Chain Bridge Honey Farm can produce up to 50 tonnes of honey in a good season (ie good weather). They begin their honey-making year in fields of oil seed rape. Besides this crop the bees can forage on hawthorn, willowherb, borage and phacelia. The resulting mixed flower honey is bottled and named Tweedside honey after its geographical collection area. It is generally light in colour and deliciously sweet in flavour.

Towards the end of July, the beekeepers load the hives on to specially designed four- and six-wheel drive vehicles to be transported to the heather moors. August brings the Heather flowers into bloom and with it our delicious Heather Honey!

If there are any of our honeys that you are looking for which do not appear on this page, please telephone us on 01289 382362 for further information.

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